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Osteoporosis Research  Dose Assessment/Dose Reduction

Contact: Prof. Dr. Reinhold Müller


An essential part of the activities of this group is devoted to quality assurance (QA) of hardware and treatment procedures as well as to treatment planning of individual patients. The topics are dosimetry, treatment planning, development of treatment procedures and accessoires and radiation protection for radiation therapy.


The department has got expertise in conformal 3D treatment planning, total body irradiation, total skin irradiation, different methods of brachytherapy (HDR, LDR, PDR and intraluminal HDR) as well as in acute and fractinated stereotactic radiotherapy. For each topic in-house developments of procedures and accessoires exist.

Science and Development

  • development of biological models for clinical weighting of dose distributions in patients under different treatment regimes (acute, fractionated, pulsed) and for different exposed volumes (DVH);

  • development, evaluation and comparison of different planning algorithms (Monte-Carlo versus Pencil-Beam and Collapsed-Cone);

  • implementation of advanced algorithms under a commercial platform;

  • development and implementation of a Monte-Carlo algorithm for fast protones;

  • development of an objective patient positioning system using a 3D-detection of more than 200,000 points on the patient's body;

  • design and development of a tomotherapy using a static gantry.

Grants, Publications, Presentations (project management R.G. Müller)

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