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Contact: Prof. Dr. Willi A. Kalender, Ph.D.

Since its foundation in April 1995 the IMP has focused strongly on the field of computer assisted surgery (CAS). From initial developments and evaluation of rapid prototyping, e.g. layer manufacturing of plastic models of the human anatomy for surgical planning and implant design, the focus has shifted towards navigation- and robot assisted surgery for joint replacements.

In cooperation with orto maquet the prototype of the first commercial European surgical robot was developed at the IMP in 1996/97. In its first application it aimed at hip implants and was tested in the Erlangen trauma surgery.

Later activities focus on the complete lower extremety, in particular image-based planning and execution of total knee replacement. Since 2000 also neuro and ENT applications have been included. Many of these activities are pursued in cooperation with CAS innovations AG, a spin-off of the IMP.

The IMP is involved in the DFG-funded project "3-D Planung, Navigation und Roboterassistenz bei komplexen Schädelbasiszugängen".


Selected publications

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